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Post  raGecaKe on Sun Apr 12 2009, 13:37

If you want to rent admin for a StageJump server, then you have to follow these rules.

General Rules:
* In the event of someone annoying players by using their microphone to play annoying songs/noises, give them a warning, followed by a permanent ban as we do not welcome anyone who comes to the server to disrupt other peoples game.
* If you think someone is cheating, record a demo to get some evidence, get there SteamID then ban them from the server. Give the demo and steamID to raGecaKe or Killa to review it. If they are found not to be cheating, they will be unbanned. We also need the demos incase the player appeals his/her ban on the forum, this way we can look at the demo and get their appeal resolved as soon as possible.
* If players are constantly camping, give them a warning, followed by a couple of slaps. If that still does not work, slay them. If they still refuse to budge after all this, then kick them. Do not ban them as we all went through a stage of being a noob once.
* If you see players being nasty to other players, give them a warning, followed by a kick. If they rejoin the server and continue to be aggressive, give them a few days ban depending on how bad they were being.

Blockmaker Rules:
* You may build blocks where ever as long as they don't affect other admins blocks.
* Do not cheat by using the NoClip / Godmode.

AMX Rules:
* If someone's asking you for being placed on spec (With NoClip / Godmode), of course you say no, but if it's a StageJump member asking for practicing bHop, longjump or whatever, it's ok.
* When a StageJump member is placed at spec (With NoClip / Godmode), kick him if he starts killing people, that's not fair to anyone if he starts killing people while in NoClip or Godmode.
* Don't slay, slap, kick, ban, flash, disarm, revive players etc. without a reason!

Abusing admin will cause you to lose all your admin rights and you will not receive a refund. When purchasing admin you agree to follow these guidelines and to act in a friendly and mature manner. If your abuse was serious enough, we will probably consider removing you from the clan.

We do appreciate that mistakes can be made, so if you do make a wrong decision we won't hold it against you, we will simply correct it and hope that you have learned from it and do your best to try and avoid it in future.

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Post  Killaaaa on Wed Apr 15 2009, 16:38

Yep, all sounds goods to me, just to add that if you do purchase admin, you are able to build blocks but the rule goes - You may build blocks where ever as long as they don't affect other admins blocks. Also try not to build something ridiculous like a death block at ct or t spawn if you catch my drift lol!

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