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Post  raGecaKe on Sun Apr 12 2009, 13:29

Here is the set of rules which we will enforce on our server. Failure to abide by these rules will get you removed, or maybe even banned.

* Absolutely NO Cheating what-so-ever.
* No being disrespectful to other gamers.
* We don't mind a bit of swearing, as long as it is not targeted towards players.
* No advertising other servers / websites.
* No spamming noises into the server through the use of a microphone.
* Do not impersonate any StageJump member or admin.

By playing on our server, you agree to abide by these rules. They are here for a reason, to make every-bodies experience in the server as enjoyable as possible.

If you ever feel you have been wrongfully banned, there is hope for you. Head on over to the appropriate forum and present your case to us. We will then look into it in more detail and decide the outcome. We do take ban appeals seriously, so if you wish to present one, it will not go unnoticed.


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