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Post  raGecaKe on Wed Apr 15 2009, 19:46

Hello peepz! xD

I'm going to give 3 StageJump members the Moderator rights.

What's a Moderator?
It's almost the same as an Administrator, just not that much rights.

Who are you giving to?
CHRiiZz (Trusted friend in real), and 2 random members of StageJump will have this.

What rights do i have as a Moderator?
When you are a Moderator you can Delete, Move, Edit, Lock etc. threads that other player has made.

In wich category's is my rights available?

* None, this category is ONLY Killa's! <3

* Off-Topic
* Fun Stuff
* Sport
* Introduce Yourself
* Technical Help

* None, this stuff is only for admins.

* Pictures
* Videos

* Counter-Strike 1.6
* World Of Warcraft
* Call Of Duty Series
* Other Games


If you recieve the Moderator right's, there is only 2 rules:

* Those who abuses the right's will lose the right's at once!
* Don't pretend as you are a moderator and stuff on server to!

Thanks For Reading! Very Happy

-KeviiN# Bolla : -)


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3 Forum-Moderators Empty Re: 3 Forum-Moderators

Post  CHRiiZz on Sun May 10 2009, 16:37

thx for giving it to me Smile

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